Sean Joyce

Sean Joyce has been a California city manager since 1993. Following successful stops in Sierra Madre and South Pasadena, Sean has served as Irvine’s City Manager since January 2005. In contrast to his previous positions managing built-out bedroom communities, Irvine is a 66-square mile city of more than 250,000 residents located in central Orange County. Irvine is recognized as one of America’s safest and most successful master-planned urban communities. Sean is a product of Irvine’s public schools; he first came to Irvine with his family in 1971. Sean and his wife of 27 years and fellow Cal State Fullerton graduate, Veronica, live in Irvine with their daughter, Madeline. Sean was the 2007 recipient of the Irvine Valley College “Alumni of the Year” award and in 2009 received the League of California Cities’ “Advancement of Diverse Communities” award. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from California State University, Fullerton.

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