Prany Sananikone

Prany Sananikone is currently the Director of Diversity Relations and educational programs, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD), at UCI. He coordinates the Diversity Development Certificate Program and the UCI Orientation and Professional Training program (tailored to limited English-speaking employees) and co-directs the Diversity in Medicine course. More specifically, he develops and oversees staff development training, especially in the area of diversity, cross-cultural communication, and conflict management. Along with this, Prany Sananikone facilitates the development and execution of workshops on cross-cultural communication and other diversity topics tailored to departmental needs and campus and medical center requests. Prior to this assignment, he was Director of Health, Education, and Community Programs at the University Extension. His bachelor degrees are in Education (B.Ed.) (specializing in Second Language Education), Sociology (B.A.) (specializing in Community Development), and his Master’s degree is in Communication: Strategies and Planning, both from the University of Hawaii. He is an outdoor enthusiast, loves to eat, and dedicates his life to peace building and humanitarian work.


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