Peter Bryant

Peter J. Bryant is a Director within the Develop of Biology Center and Professor within the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology at UCI. The main objective of his research is to understand how cell proliferation is controlled during development, and how genetic mutations lead to growth abnormalities and cancer. He is investigating the functions of gene products required to promote cell proliferation in the imaginal discs during larval growth, as well as the gene products required for shutting down cell proliferation at the end of the growth period. He works with students and local environmental organizations to photo document and monitor local biodiversity, emphasizing terrestrial invertebrates (insects and spiders), and marine invertebrates (zooplankton). Projects include field studies of the distribution, seasonality and abundance of these animals, as well as studies of their life cycles. The resulting data are being used to build a comprehensive web site showing the diversity, life history, ecological roles, and conservation issues concerning these animals as well as plants and other organisms.

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