Mike Knox

As the Director of New Student and Leadership Programs at UCI, Mike Knox organizes summer activities for New Student Orientation, manages an array or student leadership programs and resources, and teaches a class on White Identity and Racial Justice through the Cross-Cultural Center. In 2006 Mike earned his Master’s degree in Higher Education and Organizational Change from UCLA where he held a Research Assistantship focused on diversity in higher education and pathways to college for underrepresented students. He earned his B.A. from UCI in Psychology and Social Behavior in 2003. Prior to his arrival appointment with Student Life & Leadership, mike worked as an Apartment Life Coordinator for UCI’s Campus Village Housing. He has also worked for the Association of American Colleges & Universities in Washington D.C. in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Global Initiatives on a wide array of projects concerning campus diversity initiatives and civic engagement. Mike enjoys helping students discover the value of their own voices, perspectives, and lived experience and is committed to the principle that we are all equal partners as both teachers and learners on this campus.


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