John Liu

John Lui

John Liu received has been at UCI since 1985. During his time here, he served as a professor in the Comparative Culture program and was chair of the Chinese American Council of the Historical and Cultural Foundation in 1992 when he curated an exhibit of historical photographs depicting the experiences of Chinese Americans in Orange County. Besides his principal interest in Asian American Studies, his fields of specialization include race/ethnic relations, public policy regarding immigration and economic development, social movements, social theory/methodology and community studies. His current research focuses on the impact of recent immigration on Asian American community development, Asian American populations in Orange County, and comparative Asian immigration to Canada and Australia. He is a Senior Lecturer within Asian American Studies in the School of Humanities as well as Sociology within the School of Social Sciences. Some of his publications include, A Centennial Retrospective of the Asian American Legacy in Orange County, Pacific Rim Development and The Duality of Post-1965 Asian Immigration to the United States, and The Relationship of Migration Research to Asian American Studies: Unity and Diversity within the Curriculum.