Harold Moore

Harold W. Moore is founding professor of Chemistry at UCI. Over the course of UCI’s 50 years, Hal has served as faculty member, Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Dean of the School of Physical Sciences, and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry. He has co-published over 200 papers and has received several academic distinctions and honors, including the Outstanding Emeritus Award in 2009. His research interest is in organic chemistry with a main goal of discovering new reactions of synthetic and mechanistic interest. Hal received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Colorado State University, his graduate degree from the University of Illinois, and postdoctoral degree from the Stanford Research Institute. What many may not know is Hal’s love and talent for playing the clarinet. It was through his accomplishments as a musician in high school that he received a scholarship to attend Colorado State University – a pivotal moment in Hal’s life. Shortly after beginning his undergraduate studies in music, Hal changed his major to chemistry and never looked back. His switch from music to chemistry, also led him to meet his lovely wife, Cathy. Together, they would go on to graduate and postdoctoral school. Hal is proud of his family and personal history. He is grateful for the role the clarinet and music has played in his life prior to his career in chemistry, and has been happily married to Cathy for 56 years.

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